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Brilliant Pre-K


Brilliant Pre-K is the heart of our program at Brilliant Beginnings! Our experienced teachers work closely with your student to achieve the skills necessary for kindergarten success. We work on letter sounds and word formation, beginner math skills as well as fostering the “can-do” attitude so key to being successful at new tasks. We refine skills like cutting, pasting, listening and writing, but it’s not all about work in Pre-K… we know how to have fun!


Our teachers keep learning new and exciting by introducing concepts through games, play, and interactive learning centers. It’s not uncommon to find Pre-K outside exploring ladybug habitats or learning about the weather or collecting materials for nature collages.


Brilliant Pre-K teachers also help develop their children’s spiritual development by encouraging character building traits like patience, kindness, love and forgiveness. Here are some ways we help your Pre-K student grow:

  • Motor Skill Development – pencil grasp, hand-eye coordination, skipping, running

  • Math & Science Development – graphing, classifying, experimenting, researching

  • Language Development — expressing thoughts and emotions, story telling

  • Literacy Development — story writing, illustrating, writing letters and words, phonics

  • Social Development – following directions, positive “can-do” language, taking turns

  • Spiritual Development – forgiveness, empathy, hope, kindness

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