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Our Brilliant World



Brilliant Beginnings Learning Center provides quality child care in support of working families.  Our core belief is that growth is a sequential and orderly process, and that each child has a personal pace and a unique way of developing physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively regardless of your financial status. The philosophy of our child care center provides a basis for the types of activities available for the children and the kind of care they will receive in our center. Through the use of our Christian based curriculum, we encourage children to grown and enjoy their

“Brilliant Beginning”.


More About Us

We are now using the streamin3 curriculum—a Christian faith-based, weekly themed curriculum that implements developmentally appropriate activities for age groups from infant through school-age.

In addition to a fantastic curriculum and a caring, experienced staff, we also offer extra-curricular activities!  We know how hard it is to pick up your children and rush them off to soccer or dance practice, so we offer weekly classes on-site! Enroll your child in either Soccer Shots or Dancing Stars, and they'll get to participate in something super fun without adding to your stress.  Beyond being a great time, both of these classes have amazing skills to offer your child.

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