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Brilliant Toddlers

16 – 24 months

Toddlerhood is a very exciting time in your child’s development! In our Brilliant Toddler Room, our engaging teachers help our toddlers navigate all the things that are cool about being Toddlers — walking, running, singing, dancing and playing of course!


Through our engaging Circle Time, our friends learn a lot. We focus on colors, shapes, friendship and more! We firmly believe in learning through play, so we offer our children a variety of “center” activities throughout the day, including a cushioned climbing area, a home living center, building blocks, and a variety of fun table toy activities!


We love to engage our little friends in art, cooking, music, sensory and motor skill activities:

  • Motor Skill Development — walking, jumping, grasping, tossing, catching

  • Language Development — reading time, finger play and speech development

  • Social and Emotional Development – taking turns, sharing, expressing emotions

  • Music and Movement — dancing, singing, instrument play, climbing, outdoor play

  • Artistic Development — art projects, introducing color and shape recognition

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