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Our Brilliant Classrooms have much to offer your little one! From circle time to centers, cooking projects to science activities, we know that your child will love exploring and learning with us.


We take a great amount of pride in our Brilliant Staff!  They work incredibly hard to ensure your child receives the highest quality of care and learning experience. Because of their level of education and experience, each of our teachers are Lead Qualified as per Virginia State Licensing Requirements


To provide the highest standard of safety for your little ones, they are also First Aid & CPR Certified!  The staff at Brilliant Beginnings strives to meet your child’s academic needs by adjusting projects, activities and lessons to meet the different developmental levels in their classroom. Our educators form a special bond with their students and they work to make each learning experience meaningful and fun!


Brilliant Beginnings offers your child three nutritious meals throughout the  day including breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack!  All of the food that we serve exceeds requirements set forth by the USDA…and it’s yummy too!  


A weekly menu is posted in the cafeteria, where our friends gather for their meals.  We practice our table manners as well as talk about the different flavors we are experiencing.

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