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Brilliant Twos

24 – 36 months

Movement movement movement! Our Brilliant Two-Year-Olds seem to never stop moving! But our enthusiastic teachers ensure interesting and engaging activities to harness all of that awesome energy! Our spacious classroom allows for movement, activity and fun.


A typical day in the life of our Brilliant Twos begins with our enchanting circle time, where our friends explore using their imaginations, going on “Bear Hunts”, working on the Railroad, and chasing away the Big Bad Wolf! Teachers lead the children through a morning prayer and Bible story. Through our small group time, our twos work on shapes, colors and animals. Our science and sensory activities encourage curiosity and a spirit of inquiry, prompting our Twos to never stop exploring!


Teachers work eagerly with their students on toilet training as well, and with a bathroom located inside of the classroom, potty training is made simple! Here are some of the developmental milestones and goals we set out to achieve:

  • Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development — dancing, outdoor play, grasping crayons, forming shapes & letters

  • Language Development —listening to stories, expression of feelings, recognizing letters, story-telling

  • Sensory Development — exploring the five senses, encouraging descriptive words

  • Imagination Development — art activities, story-telling, home-living center

  • Social and Emotional Development —sharing and taking turns, large group focused attention, expressing feelings

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