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Brilliant Infants

6 weeks – 16 months

Our Brilliant Infant Program is an “on demand” classroom, which means our highly qualified teachers work to meet the needs of each individual infant. 


We provide parents daily with written reports detailing their child’s day with everything from diaper changes to bottles to activities that they enjoyed the most! For our older infants, we provide nutritious, USDA-approved baby food and table food for breakfast, lunch, and snack, as baby is ready for a more hearty diet.


Quarterly, we supply you with a developmental assessment, outlining all of baby’s achievements and goals as she grows!  Here are some areas we focus on with your little one:

  • Motor Skill Development: Allowing time and space for movement, from tummy time to grasping to first steps!

  • Language Development: Developing language and early literacy through engaging Circle Times that include reading stories, singing songs, and finger play activities!

  • Sensory Development: Exploring items with different textures to engage baby’s sensory development!

  • Cognitive Development: Allowing for a safe and quiet space for rest.

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